Sulfated Castor Oil

Turkey Red Oil of Cofermin Chemicals, Essen, Germany.

Produced in Germany, our Turkey Red Oils (sulfated Castor Oils) are available in various concentrations and various packaging (drums, IBC, tank road trucks).

CAS No.:68187-76-8
REACH-Reg. No.:01-2119943732-36

Our Turkish Red Oils are natural, biodegradable sulfated Castor oils produced in Germany which can be customized according your requirements.

Turkey Red Oil Data Sheet Cofermin.pdf

Because of its typical red colour they are called in Germany Türkischrotöl.

They offer a broad range of functionality across several applications in different industries, such as emulsifier, stabilizer, dispersion and wetting agent with lubricant effect.

Turkey Red Oil variations

Our Turkey Red Oils can be produced in any variation.

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Turkey Red Oil

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